Welcome to the GSF Programme in Malawi

One barrier to the realisation of children’s full potential in Malawi is poor sanitation and hygiene, leading to sanitation-related diseases that account for up to 4,500 deaths of the children under-five. Lack of basic sanitation denies children the right to health. As a result, poor health prevents children from accessing other rights such as education, thereby threatening their potential to become productive citizens.

With the support from the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) through the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF), the Government of Malawi and Plan International Malawi are committed to ensuring that children live in communities that are open defecation free and where a minimum of basic sanitation is provided.

This website is managed by Plan International Malawi and, among other things, provides information about progress made in our impact areas, lessons learnt and stories about real people benefiting from different interventions under GSF programme in Malawi.

Sanitation Revolving Fund exciting communities in Phalombe and Balaka

Implementation of the sanitation business model is progressing well. Sanitation Revolving Fund (SFL) Committees have been set and trained, SRF bank accounts are being opened, Village Savings and Loans Associations have been identified and trained, Sanitation Entrepreneurs have been trained and everything looks set for loan disbursement to begin.

At Traditional Authority Kaduya in Phalombe and TA Amidu in Balaka, the communities are very excited to see the revolving fund schemes in play.

Communities reap from complementary WASH project under GSF Malawi programme

Only nine months have gone since Traditional Authority (TA) Mwadzama in Nkhotakota District celebrated their Open Defecation Free (ODF) status. While others are grappling to get even, the TA has realised yet another significant achievement other communities can only afford to dream about; eight schools and surrounding communities from Chipelera and Mkaika Zones, have had a massive water and improved sanitation boost through a community-driven Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) initiative.

ASHPP’s delivery model impresses Geneva

A recent mission by one of the Programme Officers from the Global Sanitation Fund (GSF) Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, Rita Bonomally ended on a good note with a debrief to the Plan International Malawi Management Team in Lilongwe on 22 July 2016. A few days earlier, Ms. Bonomally had an opportunity to appreciate the Accelerated Sanitation Hygiene Practices Programme (ASHPP) through a series of meetings with different stakeholders at various levels.