Government happy with ASHPP sub-grantees’ ODF contribution

The Ministry of Health, through the South-East Zone Health Supervisor Dr. MacDonald Msadala, has heaped praise on ASHPP sub-grantees for the commendable job they are doing in supporting communities achieve ODF status.

Speaking during the certification of TA Chiwalo of Phalombe in November 2016, Dr. Msadala acknowledged how the programme is rapidly achieving results through its sub-grantees particularly Concern Universal who are working in the whole of Phalombe.

“I will fail in my duty if I don’t recognize the partners that are supporting us in this work; we are not taking these achievements for granted. As government, our main role has been to lead, but on the ground, we have had partners supporting us to succeed.

“In a special way, let me thank Concern Universal and Plan [International] Malawi especially here in Phalombe for doing a great job of improving the sanitation and hygiene status of the district.

“Without your support, we could not have been having this celebration today,” said Dr. Msadala.

Phalombe is one of the districts in the Eastern Region with a relatively bigger cholera problem. However, according to Dr. Msadala current statistics indicate that Cholera cases in the district are dropping with 2016 recording 95 cases, out of which only 3 were from two of the district’s ODF TAs, i.e. TA Kaduya (1 case) and TA Chiwalo (2 cases).

Just two days before the celebration at TA Chiwalo, TA Chilooko of Ntchisi was also on the lime light with a similar event that was graced by Dr. Jane Namasasu, Central-East Zone Health Support Officer as the guest of honour.

In an event marked by a scintillating display of the rich Chewa cultural dances, the people of TA Chilooko expressed their exuberance for becoming the first ODF area in Ntchisi with support from World Relief International.

“We are happy for this achievement because it has put TA Chilooko on the map. We thank World Relief, and Plan [International] Malawi for their support to us,” said Chief Chilooko designate.

Speaking to the media after the function, Dr. Namasasu took the opportunity to encourage other chiefs in the country to learn from what TA Chilooko and others have achieved.

“Let me say to all other chiefs that they should emulate what TA Chilooko and TA Mwansambo have achieved. Looking at this celebration, other communities should feel compelled to also have their areas certified as open defecation free,” said Dr. Namasasu.

At both functions in Ntchisi and Phalombe, the Minister of Health, Dr. Peter Kumpalume, a renowned champion for good sanitation and hygiene was due to preside but didn’t owing to other commitments.


  • TA Chilooko and TA Chiwalo are 12th and 13th among the 18 ODF TAs under ASHPP.
  • In Ntchisi, ASHPP is also present in TA Malenga, TA Chikho. In Phalombe, it is present in all 6 TAs; although it is only in 3 of them where the coverage is 100%.
  • TA Chiwalo is the second TA in Phalombe under ASHPP to achieve ODF after TA Kaduya that got certified in April 2016.
  • Concern Universal is working in all parts or Phalombe with ASHPP resources.
  • World Relief is also working in TA Chikho in Ntchisi.